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The services we provide here at Royal Technologies are of the highest quality and craftsmanship.  We want your experience with us to be a pleasant one.  Our managers, supervisors, foremen, and administrators work very hard to accomplish this goal and every project we put our name on reflects this attitude.

Below is a listing of the types of services we offer.   


        Project Planning (Budget and Schedule) 

        Design Build


        Permits and Inspections

        Installation (on-time, quality, value, safety)

        Emergency Response

        Maintenance and Repair


The types of work we perform:


Voice communications


        Multi-line feature phones

        Wireless phones

        Hybrid Key/PBX Systems

        Paging, Intercom, Voice Mail. Telephone Email Systems

        Video conferencing

        I.P. Systems

        Voice/Data Integration

        CTI Applicatins

        Assistive Device Applications

        Specialty Systems (Nurse Call, Etc.)


Data communications


        LAN, WAN, Ethernet

        Internet Sharing

        Satellite Internet systems

        Wireless networks

        Point of Sale Systems


Structured Cabling


        Level 3, 5, 5e, 6, Coax, Twinax, RS232, Fiber Optic

        Backbone and Riser cabling

        Station/Location Cabling and Termination

        Cable Testing/Certification/Identification/Labeling

        MDF and IDF Installation

        Data Racks

        Interduct Installation

        Patch Panels & Cords

        Wire Management Systems


Security Solutions


        Card Access Systems

        Fire/Alarm Detection


        Motion Detection

        Perimeter Sensing Devices


Home Automation/Entertainment


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